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Jean Paul Moscovino


Jean-Paul Moscovino is a French sculptor born in 1947 in Paris. After drawing studies, he explores different techniques: watercolor, etching, screen-print, before approaching the volume. He works in the Loiret and Paris.

Jean-Paul Moscovino practices folding ; all his sculptures are made from metal sheets which he cuts, curves, folds, unfolds and paints. The artist's research revolves around the notion of limit : on one hand the limit between figurative and abstract, with these women bodies escaping in geometry, on the other hand he sculpts the color, revealing the gap between space and visible form. These are envelopes and abyss of colored surfaces. He unfurls surfaces, barks, clothes. He seizes colour and accompanies its metamorphosis to virtual, from telluric red to the blue of the wave.

These silhouettes on the borders of abstraction cross his universe as memories, totems, stemming from the geometric idealization of the body.

Why Joséphine works with Jean Paul Moscovino

On the occasion of Jean-Paul Moscovino's first exhibition in London, Joséphine wanted to associate the spatial curation of these sculptures with murals made by Pierre-Antoine Martin, graduated master from Central Saint Martins art school, London, and also to show two paintings with resin by Yves Arman Cesar, son of highly acclaimed sculptor Arman who worked in collaboration with Cesar, Keith Haring, Yves Klein.

Exhibitions @ Joséphine

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Latest exhibitions:

  • David Collection New York
  • Galerie Bruckman Berlin
  • Galerie Differences Paris

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