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Paris L’Expo
60, rue St André des Arts – 75006 Paris

Shop 216-218, Prince’s Building 10 Chater Road, Central 518000 

Galerie Art Atelier
21, Grand’Rue 24560 Issigeac, 

Josephine Clavel Gallery
16 Victoria Grove, South Kensington, London W8 5RW 

Art3f Monaco (21 – 23 Août 2020)
5 Avenue des Ligures, 98000

Why Joséphine works with Marcotte

July 2020. Monaco. Monte Carlo.

An Art Fair! Finally. Being able to browse amongst dozens of booths and discover ideas and new visual expressions...
That was the most exciting thing after months of lockdown. 

One booth caught my attention immediately. The exhibiting artist’s technique was soft and strong, playful, totally “outsider”.
Wires and strings and threads were organised to entwine and hold together but also reflected a certain randomness left to the artist’s creativity and inspiration of the moment.

Marcotte uses vibrant colours that he mixes himself, with acrylic and resin paint, in which he dips the strings, allowing him while still wet to arrange them in the way of a sculptor as opposed to a painter. They float.
Once the artwork is finished, the strings dry up and the artwork is completed. 

There is a lot of freedom and improvisation in Marcotte’s work, he threads and works just like he thinks: out of the boundaries and never too sure of how an artwork will unfold, and lets his mind wonder, interpreting his wish to illustrate and symbolise connections and embraces, crossings and pathways. His 3D paintings explore the effect that emptiness and fullness have on the eye of the lucky audience who wonders and wanders... without needing an explanation but just a feeling and a sensation.

Exhibitions @ Joséphine