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Painting with natural elements - slate, chalk and charcoal


slate, chalk and charcoal
17 MAY until 17 JUNE 2021

Painting with natural elements
'Painting with natural elements - slate, chalk and charcoal ' - Parm Rai


About the Exhibition

These works are the remnants of a twenty year plus relationship with four particular landscape regions of the British Isles. Places that I have returned to time after time and have greeted with the heartfelt recognition one has for a very old but seldom seen friend. Reassuringly familiar in their sense of permanence, never failing to deliver a lasting sense of connection, of belonging, an ancient heritage shared throughout time.

Making these works has been as much a spiritual journey as it has been a discovery of pictorial language, the semiotics of mark making if you like. As such, they do not illustrate a specific topography. Rather, they come from the synthesis of imagination and experience. I seek equivalence for the grandeur in nature and its capricious elements, expressed by the dramatic interplay of light and dark, of texture and space. I hope the viewer of these works is rewarded with the sensation of light and space that I have tried to imbue. They are intended to promote reverie, they are an abstract evocation of nature and our relationship to it.