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Bernard Morel


Bernard Morel is a French painter and drawer. He lives and works in Brittany. The essence of his plastic and conceptual research revolves around the dialectic of the model and the painter. His works show the surreal interaction, the tension between the drawer and the person depicted, as well as the dynamics evolving around the theme of the human body.

Thus Bernard Morel, always present in his own paintings, poetically questions the relationship to the body, to otherness, to look. He is as much interested in the ancestral research of the representation of the human person, as in the intellectual and sensitive relation between the painter and the one who takes the pose.

In this paradigm, referring to the classical themes of Western painting, Morel reveals a personal style through a dreamlike and luminous chromatic research. There dominate the carmine of the flesh, the cerulean blue and the gold of the sun.

Morel's drawings, mainly made with Chinese ink wash and gouache highlights, reveal the qualities of the artist's line. In a conscious and careful search for the representation of the model, Morel uses all the resources of academic nude drawing by infusing the leitmotiv of the relation between the observer and the observed.

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